"Chimères": my first exhibition in France

Almost a year ago I was contacted by Adrian Bondy, a mathematician, a photographer and a gallery owner. Adrian offered me an exhibition in his gallery "Mind's Eye" in Paris, France. Today (yay!) we opened it. Here is it's official press release.

Grotesquely twisted trees, askew silhouettes of animals lurking in shadows, birds frozen in the air, a man walking close by, silent — there is always life on the periphery of the eye, just take a closer look. One has only to turn and these looms vanish, but, a few moments later, appear in a new place and in a new form. Imagination plays a strange game, showing different chimeras each time. Scary and beautiful, they attract the attention but avoid the eye. The bizarre beauty of these mirages is elusive and the only way to fix them is to press the camera button.
Anton Bulyonov’s photographs convey a strange unease, a sense of imminent danger. Without resorting to the least artifice, Bulyonov reveals an uncanny ability to fix moments and capture scenes around which there floats an intangible threat, a troubling uncertainty — Alfred Hitchcock with a surrealist touch. Perhaps it is no coincidence that birds are the focal point of several images, birds which seem to be caught in electric cables, paper birds which dangle helplessly in the sunset, a bird trapped in an abstract composition of mauve brick and green metal, another pinned to a woman’s hat, and yet another splayed, decomposed, on the beach. Butterflies meet a similar fate, fluttering hopelessly between a window and its ironically sun-ray-shaped protective grille. Will these poor creatures manage eventually to free themselves, one wonders?

All of Anton Bulyonov’s photographs invite such musings. Why is that whale washed up on the wall? And that alert dog in the car? What scene is he witnessing? Is he about to drive off? Those tubes surging through the paving like snakes on the rampage? Will they take over and terrorize the city? And that stormbound peninsula? What dark secrets does it hold?
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